Moroccan Lighting


About Badia Design Inc.

Established in 1990 Located in Los Angeles, Badia Design, Inc. has been an importer and distributor of traditional, contemporary and classic Moroccan and Middle-Eastern furniture and antique pieces since the early 1990′s. Our mission is to provide beauty, craftsmanship, and elegance with our Moroccan products for our customers’ satisfaction. We offer the largest selection in genuine Moroccan furniture, lighting, tiles, and home decor items, which are hand made, hand carved, and hand painted by Moroccan artisans who are masters of their craft. We see to it that we have the best product possible. Each piece we carry shows our appreciation of the artisan and for his/her craftsmanship. History Established in 1990 For the last 20 years, our efforts have been concentrated on a continuous supply of exclusive, one of kind items, designed and manufactured the customer's specifications we do retail, wholesale and custom orders. Our unique selection of decor pieces can be made using any material, color and size.

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